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Who’s On Crack, NYC Shows Tough Love to TV Viewers, Oprah Gives Kindle the Thumbs Up

Who’s On Crack in tech: 10.24.08 edition Read More

New York City to show some tough love to TV viewers Read More

Oprah Gives Kindle the Thumbs Up Read More

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Facebook Sabotage? Backups Online, Software Update for G1

Students Competing For Slots At Elite Colleges Resorting To “Facebook Sabotage”

Read More

You Know About Backups. Now, Do It Online

Read More

T-Mobile announces first software update for the G1

Read More
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T-Mobile G1 phone Is Here

Wednesday, October 22nd, marks the day the T-Mobile G1 phone will be available for sale at stores throughout the U.S. This phone runs on the Android operating system, developed by the people at Google. The phone is manufactured by the folks at HTC.

Reviews of the G1 have been mixed: and

There will also be a store for Android apps:

October 18, 2008 at 5:41 PM 3 comments

AT&T Has New Phone, Flock 2.0, Do You Hulu?

AT&T brings the first 3G walkman phone to the US market; the Sony Ericsson W760a

Flock 2.0 Launches: Adds MySpace, Media RSS, and More

Do you Hulu yet? Here are ten shows that make it worth it.

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Blackberry’s First Flip Phone, New MacBook

T-Mobile releases BlackBerry’s first flip phone, The Pearl Flip 8220

Gizmodo has live updates of Apple’s Macbook release for Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2008

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T-Mobile G1 Phone, All Things iPhone, Verizon Tests (Video)

The T-Mobile G1 phone is scheduled to enter the market sometime this month. Here is a slick ad for the G1 that I found intriguing:

T-Mobile continues G1 pre-sale, but there’s a catch:

All things iPhone:

Finally, here is a video about Verizon Wireless’ new test facility in Bedminster, NJ:

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iPhone Security Flaw, The INQ Cell Phone

Hutchinson Chief Frank Meehan

Serious iPhone Security Flaw.

Can INQ Cell Phones Whack iPhone in the Knees?

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