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The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty

Many people don’t know that they can send out free text messages from a computer. Let’s say I want to text my friend Joe. First, I need to know which wireless carrier Joe uses – – Verizon. Second, I compose a new email to Joe. In the “To” or address heading I type in Joe’s phone number – – The Third thing I do is write my message to Joe. I am limited to a message length of 160 characters. Now all I have to do is click “send” on the email, and voila! Joe gets a text from me. It did not cost me anything – – not even a penny! What if I needed to send Joe a really long message? No problem; I simply type 2125556789@vzw.pix instead, and Joe will get a picture message which has a 1000 character limit. Once again, this was done at no cost to me.

I want to send a free text to Fran. Fran has AT&T. I address the email to Fran gets my message, and I get to spend 20 cents on something else. I don’t know what the character limit for Fran is. I also do not know how to send her a longer picture(MMS) message. Maybe one of you can let me know at asktonycdotcom, or, you can leave an answer or a question in the comments section of this page. Unfortunately I don’t know what the extensions are for the other major wireless service providers. I am not going to be able to tell you how to send a free text as an email to a friend who has a Sprint cell phone number(A little help?).

Presidential contender Barack Obama’s camp has come up with a novel feature: Obama ’08: The Official iPhone Application.

If you are an information junkie like me, you can get your fix here:

“Surf Fast, Surf Free”(TM)


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