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Verizon Accused of Remote Controlling Droid

Wired magazine has an interesting Droid article. A weird software bug has some wondering if Verizon was remotely controlling user’s phones. It turns out that the truth is stranger than fiction. Read More →


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50 Apps For New Droid Owners Via

Motorola Droid Phone

Motorola Droid Phone

Here are 50 of the best apps for your new Motorola Droid:

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Search Everything

Magnifying Glass

Search Everything for Windows is a powerful, fast, yet lightweight application that helps you search for anything on your computer faster than anything else I have tried. You can get it from Here is the exact link:

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Droid Tips And Tricks

Motorola Droid Phone For Verizon Wireless

Motorola Droid Phone

Here are 10 Tips For Your Motorola Droid:

10 Tips For Motorola Droid Power Users:

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