Twitter Child


Twitter Child

Are you new to Twitter? Maybe you ask yourself “Why should I care about what all these strangers are chattering about?”or “This doesn’t make any sense” and “What am I supposed to say to these people?” Don’t worry about it! Just about every one of us on Twitter felt that way at the beginning. Relax, grab a favorite beverage, take off your shoes, and get ready to have a blast on Twitter, one of the fastest growing social networks in the world.

Video: Getting Started on Twitter

Beginner’s Advice

Would you care for some tips for getting started on Twitter? Get Twitter Started>>

Intermediate/Advanced Users

If you are an intermediate or advanced Twitter user, this extensive list of Twitter applications should provide you with hours of geeky discovery goodness!

“Surf Fast, Surf Free!”™


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Happy Birthday Neo!, Uglier Firefox?, Google’s Secret Fortress

The Matrix

The Matrix

The Matrix is Ten

It’s hard to believe the movie The Matrix is ten years old!? I remember going to the movies to see The Matrix about ten times. No Movie before or since has hypnotized me like The Matrix. Remember The Matrix>>

Uglier Firefox

Personas is a set of themes for your Firefox browser. I am trying it out right now ( It is messing up my PimpZilla theme – it may have to go!).  Look at Personas (Blog Article). More on Personas ( lifehacker)

Google’s Secret Fortress

Google recently unveiled some of the server hardware secrets it has used to become the king of internet search. Google Secrets Unveiled!>>

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YouTube “Flips Out”, Nokia E71x, April Fools!, To Linux or Not to Linux

Court Jester

Court Jester


YouTube has played a naughty joke on us for April Fools Day; they flipped images and video upside down and  most of the descriptions and comments on Youtube have been written backwards! has an article on this situation. Note: The Youtube home page appears to be normal, you won’t notice anything is different about the site until you click on a video (it can be any video).

Nokia E71x

The Nokia E71x for AT&T has recently become available. This all metal smart phone is sleek and sexy. It runs on the Symbian OS.  See The Video>>

April Fools Day

Happy April Fools Day! Let’s get things started the right way with this prank you can play on friends, family and coworkers. Muahahaha!


I have long been curious about Linux. I have been hesitant to get my feet wet because I am afraid it will be too complicated and time consuming to learn and use. I am really not that satisfied with my current OS (Windows); but it runs out of the box, without a lot of input from me. I guess I want the best of both worlds: I want my OS to run well without me having to be too involved in the process (Windows), yet I want to be able to have a customized system that has the features I deem necessary, and, more importantly, said system should not have/do things I don’t want (Linux). What should I do? Why must I always be faced with these tough decisions? Maybe if I take a nap, this problem will go away – when I awake, everything will be as right as rain! While I try to figure my next move, I think I’ll take another look at this Linux promotional video that I like: Linux Promo Video

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HostMonk, Skype on Mobiles, ColorSplash, HomeMade Pizza

Homemade Pizza

Homemade Pizza

HostMonk Compares various web hosts according to price, platform, bandwith, memory, CPU type, and management. The original article for this information came from the good people at lifehacker has an article on this ( via Read Lifehacker Article Want more on reliable, affordable web hosts? Read More Here>>

Skype Comes to iPhone, Blackberry: phonescoop and Reuters have the news on this development. The application for putting Skype on the iPhone will be available Tuesday, March 31st, 2009. The Blackberry application will make its debut in May. Free long distance phone calls anyone?

iPhone App ColorSplash: This app allows you to dress up pictures on your iPhone with vibrant colors. ColorSpash sells for $1.99 Read About ColorSplash>>

Make Home Made Tasty Pizza: I haven’t tried this recipe yet; I’m on a special diet. When the diet is over in a day or so I may just have to fire up the old oven. Make Pizza at Home>>

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Who’s on Crack in Tech: 03.27.09, Browser Wars, TwitterSheep

Browser Wars

Browser Wars

From Gadgetell: Who’s on Crack in Tech

  • Best Buy = Best FAIL
  • China hates Chad Vader?
  • April Fools’ Worm is hungry
  • Facebook just messes with us
  • Surveys – Hate ‘em

Read More Who’s on Crack Here>>

Browser War: IE8, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Read More Here>>

TwitterSheep is a handy app that works with Twitter to form a tag cloud of subjects your Twitter followers are talking about. I just discovered that marketing is the most popular subject my followers talk about . . . even though I’m not a marketer. That’s what I get for following back all those marketing types that follow me!

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T-Mobile’s New Android Phone

T-Mobile G2

T-Mobile G2

T- Mobile is entering the fray this summer with the HTC Magic, which recently was approved by the FCC. Read More Here>> More articles on HTC Magic Read More Here>>

Phonescoop’s review of HTC Magic (European model – Vodaphone)

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Palm Pre Battles

Palm, the maker of the soon to be released Pre, has put all its eggs in one basket. The failure of the Pre  would sound a death knell for Palm. Despite a gloomy economic forecast, the Pre is poised to turn the tide for Palm, where an outdated OS and inefficient business practices led to huge losses in revenue. There seems to be a lot of support and goodwill in both the business and developer community towards Palm; many developers are excited about creating features and applications for the Pre’s new operating system, WebOS. Read More Here>>

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